CompanySummary Business Description
Alamac is the leading manufacturer of knit fabrics for the career apparel industry. It has proprietary products, quick turn capabilities and a high percentage of recurring revenues in its niche market.
CP INDUSTRIES, INC.CP was the only domestic manufacturer of large seamless pressure vessels. The vessels were used primarily for the storage of gases at pressures in excess of 1,000 PSI. The primary customers were major defense contractors, the U.S. Navy, industrial gas producers, gas distributors and utilities.
CURTIS INDUSTRIES, INC.CI was a national distributor of fasteners, security products, industrial maintenance products and automotive replacement parts. It distributed nearly 20,000 products to approximately 225,000 customers through over 1,000 direct full-time sales representatives.
FEI PRODUCTS LLC (a)FEI manufactured the only FDA-approved contraceptive product, ParaGard, that is 100% hormone-free, effective for up to 10 years, relatively inexpensive, easily reversible and as effective as a tubal ligation.
FEI WOMEN’S HEALTH LLC (a)FWH held the NDA for ParaGard.
GEVITY HR, INC.With more than 100,000 employees, GVHR was the largest professional employer organization (“PEO”) in the U.S. It provided small to medium-sized businesses with a broad range of services, including human resources consulting, payroll administration, benefits administration, risk management and unemployment services.

Hale Groves was the largest direct marketer of citruses in the U.S.


NASCO was the leading wholesale distributor of welding and welding safety supplies in the U.S. It offered a complete range of over 85 product lines.

Pure Romance is the largest direct seller of relationship-enhancement products. At in-home parties through a network of independent sales Consultants and via the internet, Pure Romance empowers, educates and entertains women.
SCHUYLKILL METALS CORPORATIONSMC was one of the three largest lead recyclers in the U.S. It operated secondary lead smelters in Baton Rouge, LA and Forest City, MO. SMC was 100% in environmental compliance.
SINCLAIR & VALENTINE, L.P.S&V was an international manufacturer and marketer of printing inks, organic pigments, vehicles and lithographic blankets. With 46 plants, it was only the fourth largest printing ink manufacturer in the US, so S&V teamed with Flint Ink Corporation to become the largest printing ink manufacturer in the U.S.
TCOM, L.P.TCOM was the only designer, manufacturer and operator of tethered aerodynamically-stabilized aerostats of up to 233 feet in length that served as platforms for a wide variety of electronic payloads (e.g., radars, listening devices, relays) used by various governments for work such as drug interdiction and surveillance. Clients included the U.S. and foreign governments.

(a) These companies were combined prior to sale.